September 25, 2015 eNews

Promote Your Small Business

Do you live in Armatage and have your own small business? We’d like to help promote you! We will be adding information to our website as well as including information in welcome packets to new residents. If you’d like to be included, send some information about your business (with any web links) to our coordinator.

Parks – Closing the Gap

Chime in on what you value about our parks as the MPRB faces budget challenges. Minneapolis residents can learn more about Closing the Gap by watching a short video and share their opinions by taking a 15-minute survey at The survey is open through September 30.

Yard Waste

Yard waste collection will end the week of November 16, 2015.Residents should not rake their leaves and other debris into city streets – it’s bad for our lakes and waterways and it’s against the law.

Leaves are natural but decomposing leaves on streets and sidewalks can wash into storm drains and eventually end up in Minneapolis’ lakes, streams and the Mississippi River. Leaves over-fertilize lake water and encourage harmful aquatic plants and algae to thrive. The result is murky lake water that isn’t good for swimming and fishing and harms wildlife.

Collect and bag all yard waste and place it by your regular recycling and garbage containers.

Where can I purchase compostable bags?

  • Most hardware and retail stores carry compostable plastic bags and Kraft paper lawn and leaf bags.
  • When purchasing compostable plastic bags, look for the logo on the right. This logo ensures the compostable plastic bags meet propeBPI Logor standards for pick up of yard waste from your home. You will not find this logo on Kraft paper bags.

What are the alternatives to using compostable bags?

  • Use your own reusable containers for un-bagged yard waste.
  • Drop off your yard waste at a private compost facility.
  • Compost your yard waste on your property, or use a mulching lawn mower.

Fix-It Clinics and Electronics Collection Events

October 10: Fix-It Clinic (12pm-4pm) St. Anthony Village City Hall & Community Center (3301 Silver Lake Road, St. Anthony)
October 31: Electronics Collection Event: (10am-2pm) Mayflower Church (106 E Diamond Lake Road, Minneapolis)
November 14: Fix-It Clinic (12pm-4pm) Folwell Park Rec Center (1615 Dowling Ave N)

Organics Recycling – there’s no extra cost to participate!

Learn how-to participate by watching our How-to video.
Español (Spanish): Reciclaje Orgánico
Hmoob (Hmong): Nroog Minneapolis nyoj khoom tsis siv
Somaaligh (Somali): Dib-U warshadaynta Qashinka dabiicigaa

To take part, residents must sign up by contacting Solid Waste and Recycling at 612-673-2917 Monday–Friday 8am–4:30pm or at

Search the map to find out when organics carts will be delivered to your block.

Even if you aren’t eligible to have organics recycling pickup at your home, you can bring your organics for recycling to one of five organics recycling drop-off sites.

Organics Service:

  • Organics are collected every week. The maximum weight for an organics recycling cart and its contents is 200 pounds.
  • Your organics cart must be at your collection point by 6am on your collection day each week.
  • Customers who opt-in to participate are provided with an organics recycling cart, either small or medium. Properties with two or fewer dwelling units are provided with a small (32-gallon) organics recycling cart. Properties with more than two dwelling units are provided with a medium (64-gallon organics) recycling cart. You may request a larger or additional organics recycling cart by calling Solid Waste & Recycling at 612-673-2917.
  • City crews deliver and maintain all carts. If your cart is damaged, call Solid Waste & Recycling 612-673-2917 to request your cart to be repaired.
  • Your collection day is assigned by the Solid Waste & Recycling Division. Routes are created so the Division operates in the most cost-effective way. Look up your collection day.
  • In the winter, remember to shovel a 3 foot wide path to your cart, including snow left by the plow.  See Snow Shoveling for specific shoveling requirements.

You can now recycle more!
View the Recycling Guide for details or go to the following pages for more detailed recycling information: