September 29, 2020 eNews

You Could Lose Your Neighborhood Association.

We know this is a tough time for funding in Minneapolis. But it is an even tougher time to lose our network of neighborhood nonprofits. With multiple crises facing us, the work of neighborhood organizations as community-building connectors between residents, businesses and local government is more important than ever and must be funded to a sustainable level.

The City of Minneapolis is considering a new plan called “Neighborhoods 2020” to change the funding and work of neighborhoods for 2021 and beyond and beyond (learn more at Many neighborhoods across the city including Armatage are facing such steep cuts in funding that it will be a struggle to maintain core services and keep doors open. We’re asking you for your help.

How You Can Help

If you value the ANA and our continued work in the neighborhood, please take two minutes to send a comment to the City of Minneapolis before the deadline tomorrow (Wednesday, September 30) at 11:59pm.

Use the sample comment at or write your own. Personal anecdotes from your experiences with Armatage or our partner neighborhoods around Minneapolis are great to share. Thank you for making your voice heard in support of neighborhoods.

Spread the Word

Please help us spread the word by sharing this email with friends and neighbors and if you’re on social media, liking, commenting or sharing our funding posts: