2017 Board Elections

The following people have expressed interest in running for a seat on the Armatage Neighborhood Association board.Nominations from the floor will also be accepted. Terms are for 2 years, with six seats elected in odd years, and five seats in even years. We currently have one even-year seat open, so there will be seven people elected to the board at our annual meeting on May 16th.

Anyone 18-years or older, or any one representative of an entity located within our geographic borders, are eligible to join the board, vote for board members as well as on most issues, and are welcome at all board meetings and ANA events.

Please contact our coordinator if you have any questions!

  • Tara Brown (board member since 2015)

    Hello! I have lived in Armatage for nine years and have been on the board for almost two.  I enjoy being a part of our neighborhood board because it gets me out talking to my neighbors and listening to their likes and needs for our community.  I have enjoyed working with the board, creating our Organics workshop last year, co-chairing our new GreenTeam, and participating in many other activities the board has put on. I would like to serve another term to help get the Green Team off the ground, support our renter engagement initiatives, and provide insight that I’ve gathered from listening to my neighbors.

  • Kelly Falsani (board member since 2011)
    I’m a 5 plus year resident of Armatage and my wife and I believed that getting involved early on would be a great way to meet neighbors, learn about the neighborhood and its priorities. We have a six year old boy and almost four year old girl. We look forward to being involved in this community and the city’s community for years to come. I currently serve as Vice President.

  • Joel Federer
    My wife and two young boys have lived in the Armatage neighborhood for nearly two years. 
    I am running for the ANA board because I want to be more civicly engaged and give back to the community. I want to learn what is important to the residents of Armatage, listen to their ideas, and figure out ways to make them a reality. I want to help build and strengthen our community. I want to have a positive social, economic, and environmental impact on our neighborhood, and surrounding areas, through a variety of methods including family-fun activities, educational and support programs, and potentially renewable energy initiatives.

  • Jim Hoch
    My wife Liz and I have lived in the Armatage neighborhood since 1995. I have now become the old guy on the block. Due to twice daily walks, everyone in a 10 block radius of our house knows my dog Hazel, I’m just the guy on the other end of the leash. My work travel schedule has become more flexible and now allows me the opportunity to be more involved with the Armatage Neighborhood Association (ANA). I believe in a strong, vibrant neighborhood.  I believe I can bring additional ideas to the organization which will help leverage the ANA’s limited resources to achieve the greatest positive impact on our neighborhood. I am a small business owner with our office located in North Minneapolis.

  • Steve Johnson (board member since 1992)
    I joined the Armatage Neighborhood Association in 1992, henceforth being on the board almost since inception was dubbed the “Mayor of Armatage”. My wife Mary and I live directly across the street from the park building. It’s been a great experience and continues to be great meeting new people in Armatage!
  • Laurel Luxenberg (board member since 2015)

    Hello! I’m Laurel. I’ve lived in Armatage since April 2014 and have been on the board almost two years. I initially joined the board as a full time stay at home mom, hoping to get involved with my neighborhood community and meet new people. Since then, I’ve enjoyed learning about how our neighborhood association is able to positively impact our community, I’ve loved being a part of many of the events our board has held, and have met many of my wonderful neighbors through ANA activities. I am currently the co-chair of our new Green Team, and would love to serve another term on the board to see that through and help it thrive and grow. Thank you!

  • Judy Vecere (board member since 2015)
    Originally from New Jersey, I moved to Minneapolis to be close to my granddaughter. I’ve lived in Armatage since 2011 and joined the board to become involved in the community and learn about our city. I currently serve as Treasurer.
  • Stephanie Vigen

    Greetings! I moved to the Armatage neighborhood about 4-1/2 years ago and I definitely enjoy living in the city. I work in supply chain where I collaborate with cross-functional teams to improve business processes. At work, I am also involved in a Corporate Volunteer Council as well as a Net Impact group which fosters engagement in corporate responsibility and sustainability. In my life, I am passionate about animals (I have two cats), the lakes, design, and the arts. I would like to join the Armatage board to develop a greater connection with the people in my neighborhood and to help others become more involved in their communities.