April 20, 2010 Minutes

ANA meeting

Meeting called at 6:30PM by President Dan Sweeney

Welcome by Dan Sweeney

Crime and safety update by Amy Lavender

  • Picked up guy who did the breakins during January and Februrary and is now in Jail.
  • Waiting to be charged. Seeing a lot of open and unlocked garage doors please keep them closed, also keys in vehicles please keep them locked.
  • Also stolen vehicles from keys in the car.
  • Attempted kidnapping at 56th and Dupont, guy in a black pickup, still not apprehended
  • Look at updated sheet “Armatage Burglaries 2010”

City Council update by Ben Hecker

  • Wed 9 AM, April 21st breakfast at Pearson’s restaurant
  • Possible SW LRT through SW Minneapolis is moving along.
  • 1/2 million dollars voted on by the City Council for pothole repair and passed.
  • Betsy to sing with the band Armatagous July 20 at the ANA festival.

Pizzaria Lola Ann Kim co-owner and head cook and bottle cleaner stopped by with progress to Open after Labor day soft opening

Tom Dolan a neighbor spoke up with worries about parking by residents that live behind new restaurant and Cave Vin

Neighborhood garage sales is 5/29/2010. Look for the application on line or email ANA.

Summer festival is July 20th, Hopefully Armatagous will perform especially with Betsy Hodges performing. Last year we raised around $4700.00 and our cost was $840.00. Look for a online registration for the classic car show

Motion to approval for the festival by Noah Schuchman and second by Tom Alagna to go ahead and order the food and performers. Motion passed.

We hope Scott Silver will return to help with the food.

Elected Board officers listed below with a motion by Noah Seconded by Tom Alagna, motion passed

  • Dan Sweeney-President
  • Alisha Strowbridge-Vice President
  • Nikki Lindberg-Secretary
  • Jim Steely-Treasurer
  • Treasurer report by Tom Alagna

Big expense is the Newsletter

We do not recommend another loan out due to low volume of funds returning until we get more funds.

Move to adjourn by Noah Second by Jim Steely

Respectfully submitted by

Steve “The Mayor” Johnson