Art Journal

Armatage Art Journal

Thank you to our neighbors who submitted artwork and creations to help document this moment of time in Armatage. We’ve been hard at work organizing submissions and the final journal is ready to download!

Download the Art Journal:

About the Art Journal

Submissions were collected during May and June of 2020 after months of quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic and in the midst of weeks of civil unrest in Minneapolis following the death of George Floyd in police custody. Schools were closed and a stay-home order was in place for much of this time. Entries are organized by submission date.

Our guidelines included anything our neighbors and their families had done to express themselves creatively during this time including drawings and paintings; sidewalk art and messages; original poetry or short stories; knitted, crocheted or sewn creations; new gardens; recipes; window art; or images from walks. We were blown away by the creativity and beauty that we received and hope you are, too.

Thank You

The Art Journal was created by the Armatage Neighborhood Association in Minneapolis. Thanks to our Coordinator, Lauren Anderson, for layout and design and to board members, Donte Mearon and Joel Federer, for their leadership and work on this project. They created the video linked below!

What Next?

The Art Journal will remain available to download here. Someday we hope to feature submissions in future neighborhood communications about this project or in a future community mural.