October 19, 2010 Minutes

ANA Meeting Minutes

ANA board members in attendance: Tina Erazmus, Steve Johnson, Nikki Lindberg, Noah Schuchman, Jim Steely, Jen Swanson, Keith Swanson, and Dan Sweeney

Others in attendance: Jerry Peterson, Dan Domagala, Denis Houle, Jeff Rapp, David DeNamur, Ben Hecker and Betsy Hodges

President Dan Sweeney called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

City Council Update – Betsy Hodges & Ben Hecker

Sign-up available for Ward 13 email updates. Upcoming meetings in November to address budget, and LRT planning. Entering into 4 weeks of street sweeping (just a reminder to keep aware of parking restrictions).

55th & Upton Intersection Option – Betsy Hodges & Ben Hecker

Citizen concerns about the safety of this intersection (especially now that it is a school bus stop) are being evaluated by the city. Two options were presented: Option 1) to change stop sign alignment from east/west to north/south; or Option 2) making it a 4-way stop. (More details available at http://www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/council/ward13/55th_Upton.asp).

The initial vote to recommend Option 1 passed (2 for; 1 against; 5 abstentions). A motion was passed to reconsider this vote. A friendly amendment was added, requesting letters from ANA be sent to Betsy Hodges, the School/School Board, and Bus Transportation Department regarding these concerns. The motion to recommend Option 1 passes (6 for; 1 against; 2 abstentions).

Park Update – Jerry Peterson

Upcoming Halloween Party (on Oct 31, 6-8 pm), with horse-drawn hayride, haunted house, food, bonfire with s’mores. It is always lots of fun and well attended (in good weather they have had as many as 1,500-2000 people come).

The integration of the park committees, KPAC/ACC, has been going well. You can register online at kpacsports.com or in person at either park on November 9, 11, 16 or 18.

Jerry has been promoted to Park Director of Windom South and Lynnhurst, in addition to Armatage and Kenny. He expects to still office at Armatage.

The irrigation system (obtained via a city grant), is installed and has been in use, helping improve the ball fields on the south side of the park. The north fields can not have irrigation added, as it is used for an ice rink, which will be open again this winter.

Safety Committee Update – Keith Swanson

Crime maps were distributed, summarizing recent crime activity. There was not much to report in our area.

Policing plans will be discussed for Lyndale, Armatage, Windom on Tuesday November 9, 6:30-8pm at the 5th Precinct / 3101 Nicollet Av/Community Room. Everyone is welcome to attend, or email concerns to Keith Swanson or Dan Sweeny. One concern was mentioned to request monitoring at key intersections (regarding safety issues).

Park & Community Committee Update – Tina Erazmus

Reusable bag pricing is being evaluated. Once a reasonable price is determined, and the welcome materials are through final proofing, bags can be assembled. Welcome packet literature has been sent to the board for review. Please submit corrections/edits to Jen Swanson. It is hoped to have a sample/mock-up of the welcome bag by the next meeting.

NRP Policy Board Election – Jen Swanson

Nominate Denis Houle (former ANA board member), presented himself for re-newed membership on the ANA board, and volunteered to be our representative for the NRP board

2011 Meeting Calendar (3rd Tuesday of the Month)

January 18      6:30 pm
February 15    6:30 pm
March 15        6:00 pm Safety Mtg   6:30 pm Annual Meeting
April 19           6:30 pm
May 17            6:30 pm
June 21           6:00 pm Safety Mtg   6:30 pm
July 19             6-8:30 pm Summer Festival
Aug 16            6:30 pm
Sept 20           6:00 pm Safety Mtg   6:30 pm
Oct 18             6:30 pm
Nov 15            6:30 pm
Dec 20             6:00 pm Safety Mtg   6:30 pm

Treasurer Report – Jim Steely

We have about the same amount of cash on hand as last year. Clarification was made with Jen regarding any outstanding expenses and expected income.

A recommendation was made to hold a Budget Committee meeting after the November City Council vote regarding neighborhood funding.

A grant application was made through Medtronic for $500 (renewable yearly). This grant, if awarded, can be used for neighborhood improvement, and may be a nice way to support our Treasure program.

New Business

Ideas need to be gathered for our March meeting special guest speaker.

Meeting adjourned at 7:36 p.m.